We ask better questions to find better answers.

Beneath our love of brick-and-mortar lies a deeper passion that fuels everything we do. And that is a passion for revealing the unique potential within every property—whether that manifests as better financial health, more mechanical efficiency, higher quality of living, or more luxurious amenities.

Our founder

Prospect Management was founded by Moses Berkovics in 1999. Moses began his career as a field manager at a prominent Brooklyn-based property management firm and immediately fell in love with the industry: he saw each new building as a window for inquiry into technologies and systems, theories of organization, construction enhancements, operational efficiencies, and creating better environments for people to enjoy and thrive in.

Moses soon decided to begin his own property management firm and scale it from the ground up. Now, his team consists of over 125 employees managing over 75 buildings and over $2B in assets.

From day one, Moses has approached real estate management with a simple yet effective 3-pronged approach:

(1) listen to clients to understand their specific goals for their assets;
(2) analyze each property to find every possible opportunity to achieve those goals; and
(3) engage the most effective resources and experts to maximize results.

As Prospect Management continued to evolve and grow, Moses expanded beyond Brooklyn and into new markets and property types, including residential multi-family, commercial, student housing, and retail.

“Despite the countless technicalities involved, to me, property management is still an art at its core. As the famed sculptor Michelangelo once said, ‘Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.’ The same applies to the properties we serve; we’re constantly uncovering ways for our buildings to work better, look better, serve tenants better. That potential is all there. Our job is to make it happen.”

—Moses Berkovics, CEO, Prospect Management

Our team and culture

Prospect Management consists of a diverse and talented group of professionals that embody a fiercely results-driven work ethic and a commitment to intelligent innovation.

It’s a place where we ask better questions and find better answers; an environment where the continual exchange of insights embraces different perspectives and challenges the status quo. Our diverse and inclusive environment makes us better property managers and, ultimately, enables us to achieve transformative results for the clients we serve.

You dream big. We make your vision come alive.

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