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Combining our regional market knowledge with vast industry experience, we provide end-to-end real estate services to owners, financial institutions, developers, investors, and tenants. Our team collaborates across the full spectrum of real estate services to help you achieve optimal asset and portfolio management. We provide the following services:

From purchase to sale and everything in between, you need a management company that can handle the entire property life cycle with skill, accuracy, and integrity. Our comprehensive, highly-tailored approach allows you to maximize cash flow while protecting the long-term value of each asset.
Our services include:
  • Accounting.

    Customized real estate accounting and financial reporting.

  • Asset planning and repositioning.

    Thorough performance review and analysis of an individual asset or an entire portfolio.

  • Business continuity.

    Emergency contingency planning and implementation.

  • Capital budgeting.

    Understanding capital expenditures and how to budget for them.

  • Client care.

    Leveraging of resources across a portfolio, based on client needs.

  • Construction support and renovation coordination.

    Supervising of the design and construction team and ensuring plans are carried out in the field.

  • Digital Solutions.

    Technology that supports the operations of the property.

  • Employee training.

    Giving our employees the tools they need to succeed and overcome any obstacles that may come their way.

  • Energy and sustainability.

    Optimization of assets that drive operational efficiencies and cost savings.

  • Energy hedging.

    Purchasing energy in advance and in bulk.

  • Financing and refinancing.

    Working directly with lenders and with specialized mortgage brokers to finance and refinance properties.

  • Financial review.

    Overseeing financial matters, including budgeting, review of expenditures, and final sign-off on the monthly operating statements.

  • Human resources.

    Talent attraction, onboarding, training, development, and staffing.

  • Leasing administration.

    Full lease and lifecycle management.

  • Operating budget.

    Detailed projection of the company’s revenues and expenses for the upcoming fiscal year.

  • Procurement.

    Vendor relations, pricing, and purchase management.

  • Project Management.

    Holistic management of renovations, repairs, capital projects.

  • Property supervision and reporting.

    Supervising properties, generating reports and advising on everything from lowering costs, to maximizing income, to investment and cash flow strategies.

  • Real estate tax reviews.

    Working with third party consultants to review property taxes and identify opportunities for reducing real estate property tax.

  • Regulatory compliance, inspections and filings.

    Monitoring property compliance with city, state and federal regulation.

  • Sales and disposition.

    Financial modeling, underwriting, commercial judgment and negotiating skills to produce maximum results.

  • Security.

    Customized security planning.

  • Tax abatement and benefits.

    Short- and long-term real estate abatements such as 421a and PILOT programs.

  • Technical services.

    Maintenance, technology, and engineering services.

  • Tenant services.

    Tenant relations and retention management.

  • Transition.

    Execute seamless transition of property operations.

  • Utility audits.

    A review and analysis of the electric and natural gas usage, rates, energy costs, future hedging and taxes.

  • Violation monitoring.

    Tracking laws and violations and striving to keep the property penalty-free.

Whether it’s one property or a large portfolio, when it comes to evaluating a property for potential acquisition, you want strategic advice that you can count on. Our real estate professionals work collaboratively across disciplines to provide a full-service, third-party due diligence service that includes an exhaustive evaluation of all relevant documents and a thorough analysis of all past expenses and income streams—so you can make the most informed investment decision.
Our services include:
  • Appraisal review
  • Construction scope analysis and budgeting
  • Elevator inspection
  • Engineering reports analysis
  • Exterior and building envelope physical inspection
  • Financial projections
  • Floor plans studies
  • Income and expenses analysis
  • Insurance and risk review and assessment
  • Lease review and audit
  • Mechanical systems inspections and assessment
  • Operating statements analysis and pro forma
  • Property audit
  • Real estate taxes and assessment analysis
  • Rent roll analysis
  • Warranties review
  • Insurance and risk review and assessment
  • Lease review and audit
  • Mechanical systems inspections and assessment
  • Operating statements analysis and pro forma
  • Property audit
  • Real estate taxes and assessment analysis
  • Rent roll analysis
  • Warranties review
Planning a major remodeling or construction project to maximize profits and improve marketability? Let our team leverage our experience and expertise to manage the project from beginning to end. Whether you’re renovating existing buildings, remodeling projects of common areas such as lobbies, hallways, and amenity spaces, adding new units, or renovating retail tenant buildouts, we’ll represent your interests to make sure your project runs smoothly and that your plans are perfectly executed.
Our services include:
  • Evaluation of alternatives
  • Project conceptual design
  • Bid supervision
  • Construction management
  • Construction project accounting
We understand the constructional, operational, and legal challenges that developing properties entails. From conception to closeout, from lease-up to stabilization, our team provides you with guidance, supervision, support, and strategy throughout the entire development cycle, so you can reduce costs, streamline operations, and add value to your project at every stage.
Our services include:
  • Assembling the design team
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Creating a budget
  • Forecasting revenue
  • Tracking costs
  • Managing construction
  • Arranging financing
  • Direct marketing
Investing in real estate comes with risk—in many forms. Having a plan in place to deal with that risk, and knowing ahead of time what to avoid or what to do to mitigate that risk, can make all the difference. Our specialized risk-management services are focused on identifying and understanding the risk you face, keeping our finger on the pulse of rapidly changing circumstances, and acting quickly and intelligently to minimize your risk. We consider the broader social, economic, and market trends (such as inflation, interest rates, and unemployment) in combination with tenant and property risk and their potential impact on the properties we manage..
Tenant Risk

Rent collection is crucial to your property’s success. We implement comprehensive tenant screening to minimize the risk of late payments or non-payments, which weeds out prospective tenants with a poor history of on-time payments. We also use a variety of strategic policies, including co-signers, security deposits, and requesting larger deposits, to help landlords safeguard income. Of course, strong, clear communication with tenants, reminding them of approaching rent collection deadlines, is an essential aspect of preventing late or non-payments.

Property Risk

Staying on top of necessary capital improvements can be a daunting task. But the consequences of not doing so can be tremendous, resulting in significant financial loss, a decrease in good will among tenants, and poor tenant retention—not to mention unnecessary chaos and stress. We regularly survey your properties so that you won’t be blindsided by “surprise” capital improvement costs such as safety-related facade work, elevator repairs, or fixing MEP infrastructure. We also take proactive steps to avoid these large scale costs before they happen, lowering your risk and giving you peace of mind.

Market Risk

To mitigate both macroeconomic and market risk, it’s critical to be aware of how current and future macroeconomic trends will affect the market in which the specific property is located, whether residential, co-living, student housing, office, community facility, commercial flex, parking garages or retail. We help you mitigate market risk by showing you how to maintain and develop a healthy cash flow and build a cushion for unexpected circumstances or expenses.

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